One Love | All Your Mind (March 3, 2024)

Intro to All for One, All  for Love:

Key Scriptures: Mark 12:28-30; Deuteronomy 6:6-9


A. The 3 Aspects of the Mind

  1. Thoughts 
  2. Emotions 
  3. Will 

B. Our Thoughts | Rom. 8:1-11 NIV

1. Why Our Thoughts Matter 

2. Growing in Knowing 

a. Cognitive Knowledge 

b. Experiential Knowledge 

c. Relational Knowledge 

d. Physical Knowledge 

C. Emotions are Gauges for the Soul (Romans 8:12-27)

1. 6 Difficult Emotions 

2. 6 Positive Emotions  

3. Discerning Emotions  

D. Harnessing The Will (Romans 12:1-2)

1. Weakness of the Human Will 

2. Knowing the Will of God  

a. God’s Good Will  

b. God’s Pleasing (Acceptable) Will  

c. God’s Completing Will  

3. Getting our will to work for us (so it works with God) 

SKILLSET: (Romans 8:28–39)

Does My Mind Belong to God?

1. Meditation (particularly on the Love of God) 

2. Processing Emotions 

3. Submitting our Will to God’s Will 


By Faith, Fully Dependent on the Holy Spirit This Week…

  1. SEEK: What is the Spirit of God saying about:

a. Himself? 

The Ways of Humanity? 

My Own Life Story? 

2. SURRENDER: (With Companions Take Responsibility)

a. I need to Confess 

b. I need to Walk  

c. I need to Discover  

3. SACRIFICE (I Want/I Will)

a. Restraint 

b. Receive/Release 

c. Restitution 

4. SUSTAIN (Sacred Practice in a relational environment)

This Week I will Remember that God has said: 

This Week I will be faithful to Entrust myself to God by Practice of: 

and Bless specific others with what I have received by: 




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